Many residents of Ames are already aware of the recent changes at Mayfair Cleaners. 

Mayfair Cleaners was purchased in June of 2015 by a local, family owned operation with over 40 years of experience in textile care. Our parent company, Kasperbauer Cleaners, is based out of Western Iowa. 

In the eyes of the new owners, Mayfair Cleaners was a diamond in the rough. 

The loyal customer base already existed, as did the knowledgeable staff. Some changes were made, we think for the better. 

Improvements were made in the realm of upgrading outdated equipment, including the introduction of a state of the art environmentally friendly drycleaning machine. Please visit the "Environment" page to learn more about how we clean.

We look forward to continuing to offer outstanding service to the growing community of Ames.